Sex Toys for Prostate Pleasure

Stimulating the prostate gland increases sexual pleasure. I am willing to bet this is true for 99% of men in the world. There are many ways to stimulate the prostate, and luckily the past couple of years we have seen an increase in the sex toys created and produced for enhancing a man’s prostate pleasure.Prostate sex toy for men - vibrating

Of course there are many ways to stimulate your prostate, you can simply rub the “taint” - the area between your balls and your asshole. If you are lucky enough to find a partner who will rub this area while you are fucking - it is awesome. If you get a partner who whill lick this area while stroking your cock, keep her or him, it feels great and not enough people do it. Finding another one later in life may be a challenge, and you will be spoiled by getting one of your most errogoneous zones stimulated.

You can also stimulate your prostate gland by inserting something into your ass. It could be a finger, a dildo, a vibrator, whatever, different things will feel better for different people. I recomend you stay away from the gerbils and light bulbs or drinking glasses. In my experience one finger feels great while getting a blow job, two fingers can be okay with lots of lube, but three fingers is too much.

I will bet that a thin vibrator or non-vibrating dildo will feel really good inside your ass. It doesn’t make you gay, it makes you a man. Men have a prostate gland, women do not. It is sexually stimulating to have this area touched. Any dildo, butt plug or vibrator will work, but lately there have been several designs coming out that are more anatomically correct for maximum comfort.

Prostate sex toy for a manA straight 9 inch vibrator may work fine for a woman’s pussy, but for anal pleasures there are much better options.

Some considerations for anal sex toys. You don’t want to lose anything in your ass - a small vibrator may feel good, but a sex toy made for anal play will generally have a tapered and flared base so you can insert it and keep a larger part outside of the ass. The standard butt plug has this configuration. Some models have a loop or string to make losing it in the ass harder.

The big news in the sex toys business has been the anatomically shaped or slightly curved prostate toys for men. These are of a similar shape to the rectum, which gives you the prostate pleasure and maximum comfort. With these shapes you should be able to handle a larger tool, giving maximum pleasure in the right area, and avoiding the discomfort that could occur with a large straight object.

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