Penis Extension Sex Toys for Men

Penis extensions can be a fun way to give your partner some more length and girth, and they can also make sex more fun for a man as well.

If you find that your girl (or guy) would enjoy a bigger dick, or just deeper penetration, a penis extension is a great option to consider. Adding a couple extra inches in length and/or some girth to your dick may be all your partner needs to reach the next level of excitment and intense orgasm. With an extnesion you can easily provide that and get another bonus for yourself.

Giving them more width and length may get them off harder, seeing them vibrating penis girth extensiongetting off may get you off more. It gives me great pleasure and sexual excitement to see someone in the throngs of sexual ecstacy. Thatís one reason why I enjoy giving orla sex so much, seeing them in extreme pleasure gets me off. So it can add to your sexual excitement.

There are many options for penis enhancement with extensions and sleeves. There are some great affordable penis sleeves that will add some girth to your cock, without covering the sensitive head of your penis. Some of these have little vibrators, pleasure balls and nubs and such for added stimulation.

Another bonus to using the thicker penis extensions is that it will take away some of the feeling for you (or your man if you are shopping for him) - some people say that makes it a deal breaker, itís often a reason many men donít want to use condoms, but I say itís a bonus not a negative.

A common problem for men is not being able to last long enough in bed, some men suffer from premature ejaculation, but even if you donít, sometimes your partner wants more sex and you are ready to orgasm and be finished. Using a penis extension, or condom can help you last longer in bed.

What if you canít feel anything? What if you canít get off using it? Well use it for as long as it takes to get your partner as far as they can go, then pull out an jerk off to finish, or pull off the extension and go in bare to finish yourself off, or go for a blowjob finish. There are many options, open your mind!cyberskin penis length extension

There are some girls out there that can take a good fist fucking easily, and get off great while getting fist fucked. This one girl I loved having sex with would have multiple gushing orgasms if I fucked her with all five fingers, but after some play like that, sticking my dick in her was no comparison. That doesnít mean I have a tiny dick, it just means that she would enjoy more inside her, so we would use an extension and do some fist fucking. I took the time to give her what she wanted, and because of this she gave me the blowjob of the century.

Pleasing your partner the way they want it often brings many rewards in return. Trust me on this one. Now get yourself some condoms and try an extension if they are into it. If you have to, say someone sent a vibrating extension to you as a gag gift, and you figured why not play with and see if it does anything for either of you.

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