Cockrings come in all sizes and materials today. Each man will have a different preference for the material and sizes of cockrings used, but once you find what you like, cockrings are an excellent and affordable sexual enhancement tool for men.

Some people enjoy the rigid but flexible cockrings, and some guys prefer a hard steel cockring for stronger resistance.

Cock rings can keep your cock harder, longer.

There are vibrating cockrings and non-vibrating. Trojan has been agressivle advertising itís popular vibrating model recently.

Some models available include not just a single ring, but scrotum holders, and multiple rings.

Some of them are just a basic ring for tightening around the base of the penis, restricted the blood flow and keeping your erection longer and harder. Of these types of rings you will find all kinds of materials and sizes.

Common materials include silicone, leather, steel, jelly latex, and others.

Some of the models availablr have adjustable circumferences, many do not. Some of the leather cockrings have three snaps to adjust the size a bit, and other adjustable rings are very adjustable, almost adhering to any size large or small. Some men use and adjustable one to find their perfect size for the right balance of comfort / restriction, and then look for rigid rings of steel or other material of that same size.

Then there are sex toys that have protrusions and such to stimulate your partner, many of these cockings are not desinged so much to restrict the blood flow in the penis, but more of a way to hold a vibrator, or stimulating material to add some extra stimulation to your partnerís ass, clitoris, and / or pussy.

Cock rings have been around for thousands of years, I read in the Doa of Health Sex and Longevity that Toaist people wre custom creating cockrings carved from bone thousands of years ago.


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